Everyone is taking the news of Hostess closing up shop pretty hard. So we are going down memory lane and thinking about the little snack cakes we love the most.

Hostess snack cakes were perfect. They were always the best ending to a bag lunch, or an after school snack. A sad time, as part of everyone's childhood is gone for good now that the company has gone under. So let's take a look at the five snack cakes that we will remember forever, and miss the most.

Ho Hos

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The first Ho Hos were created in 1920, and a variety of them have hit the market since then.

Sno Balls


These delicious little treats were first introduced in 1947, but the first time they had the cream filling was in the 1950's. We are so glad they never looked back.



The cousin of the Twinkies, Zingers are a bit different. They came in a variety of flavors, including raspberry which was a favorite of many.

Cup Cakes


Who doesn't love that signature cup cake with the swirl of frosting down the middle? Other than the Twinkie, it's the snack that is so familiar with the brand. We'll miss it's chocolate frosting and cream filling for years to come.



How could we not include Twinkies? A favorite of everyone, and rumored to have a shelf life longer than a sea turtle. This one will be missed for years to come, unless someone else picks up where Hostess left off.