A Myth Busting Birthday
Most 16-year-olds are probably celebrating the fact that they can now pursue their driver's license, but in my family this sweet 16 was more about busting a long standing myth.
Miss Twinkies? How About A Cloud Cake, Bingles Or Dreamies?
There were a lot of people who were heartbroken when Hostess pulled Twinkies (along with all their other sugar-laden desserts) off supermarket shelves last year. But do not fear; Cloud Cakes, Bingles, and Dreamies are here to save the day...
Twinkies To Return This Summer
There was a rush at the Hostess Outlet store in Wareham last Fall as America learned that one of their favorite snack cakes would be disappearing. Many speculated that the Twinkie name had too much brand power to simply go away quietly. They were right...
More Twinkies For FUN 107 [AUDIO]
As the days go by, more and more Twinkies are disappearing off the shelves. With the inevitable closing of the Hostess factory, we might not see our favorite golden cake filled with creme ever again. Or, will we?
What Should Go Into Our Twinkie Time Capsule?
We have reached an historical moment in our lives. With the loss of Twinkies, Cupcakes, and other delicious items that Hostess won't grace our store shelves with in the grocery stores, I think it's about time we mark the occasion with a time capsule.
How To Make Your Own Twinkies
With the news that Hostess is going out of business, there is more than likely a mad rush to the store to get the last few boxes. If you can't find any, there still might be hope.