As the days go by, more and more Twinkies are disappearing off the shelves. With the inevitable closing of the Hostess factory, we might not see our favorite golden cake filled with creme ever again. Or, will we?

One of our listeners Beth, who works at a Hostess factory in Wareham, stopped by last week while the FUN Morning Show did our annual broadcast at Plimoth Plantation, dropping off a huge supply of Twinkies and yummy Hostess goodies. The office quickly tore through the Twinkie Care Package as everyone got their sugar fix for the day.

Yesterday, Beth called us again, and Larry, not having any shame, asked when she would be by again, and thankfully she dropped off another package of Hostess goodness. We spoke to Beth afterwards about the possibility of someone else restarting the company where she told us that a couple of people were interested in not only the name Twinkie, but the Hostess company itself, so we could very well see the factory cooking up Twinkies again.

Unfortunately, the Wareham Outlet closes this Friday, so make sure you stop by and get some Twinkies before they're gone. You'll be back someday Twinkies, I just know you will.