Did you notice all of the women wearing Ray Rice jerseys during last night's Thursday Night Football game?

The shocking surveillance video that surfaced on the internet just a few days ago showed the Ravens football star knock out his then-fiancee, and now wife, with just one blow to the face. You'd think a domestic violence situation like this would turn off most of the female fans, but there are plenty who see Rice's side of the situation.

Listen to these women here:

"I'm making a statement," a fan donning a Rice jersey, Kathy, told Fox Sports. "I don't believe in domestic violence, but I will say: any woman who can hit a man, a man shouldn't have to sit there and take the abuse. The abuse goes both ways."

Another fan wearing his jersey, season ticket holder Tina Gavin, justified that humans are human and they make mistakes.

"I think what he did was really, really bad," she said. "It just seems that from everything I've seen up to this point, he seems to be a genuinely decent human being. That screwed up big time. Who hasn't screwed up?"

Click here to watch the video of Fox News' Mike Garofolo talking to Ravens fans who wore the jersey Thursday night.

What kind of message are these hyper-loyal female fans sending to fellow women who are victims of domestic violence or even their daughters, nieces, sisters, cousins? Is this is behavior is justifiable?

We can just spread awareness and hope that couples of the like around the globe can learn from this situation to speak up.

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