Imagine this. Walking into work for the very last time, because you are quitting your job to move to a Caribbean Island that you've never even visited before.

Most people would probably think that's insane, right? Not for Noelle Hancock apparently! She was working as a Journalist in NYC, bringing in $95,000 a year, when she decided she wanted a change. She had never been to St. John before, but could tell by pictures that she would love it there. So she took a huge risk, quit her job, bought a one-way ticket to St. John in the Virgin Islands and now that's where she calls home.

She took a job scooping ice cream for $10 an hour when she first got there, which was a big different from her almost six-figure salary. I would be willing to bet that her salary wasn't the only huge change she noticed though. She probably experienced lower stress levels, more peace and quiet, more relaxation and an overall happier version of herself.

She also inspired many people other people to realize that they can do the same thing. It's scary for sure, but in the end, it could be worth it, to save your sanity! We're all a part of the daily rat race, where life is busy, stressful, fast-paced and tiring, but we do what we do because well, we feel like we have no other choice! I for one, would be terrified to just walk away from my career I've spent more than a decade building, that sounds way too risky! But I have to admit, just reading Noelle's story made me feel calm and at ease. I commend her for taking such a huge risk! She's a brave woman and I'm really glad it's all working out for her! Maybe more people will be brave enough to follow in her footsteps and trade in the daily grind for the island life!