I don’t care about the coronavirus. I don’t care if it comes here, I’m just sick and tired of hearing about it. If I get it somehow, I honestly would be less scared of the illness and more horrified at the thought of having to be quarantined and seeing nothing but television news talking about this virus.

Some people are understandably petrified and doing things you should be doing anyway, like frequently washing your hands. It always baffles me how that only gets brought up after people get sick.

But obviously, this illness can be fatal and yes, it’s spreading, so I understand the paranoia. Fortunately for me, I could not care less.

But if it did hit the SouthCoast in a big-time way, what would it even be like? Would it be like those old-time movies where there’s just like dirt roads and tumbleweeds rolling on by?

You may find this hard to believe, but almost NOTHING would change. You would have people locking themselves up like they normally do even if they had a simple sniffle, or those like me who could have symptoms 10 times worse and I'll just try to sleep it off and continue living in the most normal way possible.

I will say if you feel symptoms, you should go see a doctor. Personally, I don’t go to the doctor unless I’ve been badly sick for at least three weeks; the last time I went for an illness was when it turned out I had mono and I only went because my family made me go. Which probably isn’t smart, but I just don’t freak out over sickness. I know I take care of myself enough where if I get something like that, it’s not because of something I was slacking on like washing my hands. So why go around petrified of it?

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