I was scrolling through Facebook late one night and stumbled upon a meme that mentioned this weird "fact" that all women have an identical freckle on their wrists. So I checked my own wrists to see if it was true, and I found one that I swear to you I didn't even know I had until I read that post.

This "phenomenon" has since gone viral and people are chiming in about their own freckle, or lack thereof.

The reason that almost everyone seems to have this freckle, regardless of gender, is due to sun exposure. Think about it. Even if you're wearing sleeves, your wrists are still often exposed, especially while driving. Which is probably the reason that my freckle is on my left wrist and not my right since I stick that hand out the window on warm sunny days (whenever that rarity occurs these days).

I do have a freckle on my right wrist, but it's off to the side. Not the same one that everyone else seems to have smack dab in the middle.

Kasey Silvia / Townsquare Media
Kasey Silvia / Townsquare Media

Do you have a wrist freckle?

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