Here are some cold hard facts for you: people ruin beaches, not pets.

Lately, there has been a lot of back and forth discussion about the concerns of pets (especially dogs) ruining and dirtying up our local beaches (especially in Swansea). This isn't anything new, but for some reason, rules and laws implementing that pets are not allowed on certain beaches seems to be the latest buzz.

Listen, I get it. Not all pets are trained and will use the beach as their bathroom, and it's up to the owners to clean up after it. Those who chose not to are the reason most beaches don't allow pets.

In Swansea, my girlfriend and I walk the dog at night and along the way, we bring a trash bag and pick up any trash we walk by. As we approach the beach, we are always greeted (on the daily) by at least a dozen pieces of trash on and around the beach, and to think that the beach isn't even open to the public yet is maddening. What's to happen when it's mobbed and certain beach-goers decide to use the sand as their trash receptacle?



We're all in for a rude awakening.

The point to all this is simple: erase the stigma that pets are the main reason that some of our beaches are dirty and start pointing the fingers at the people instead.

You may be able to keep my dog off the sand, but you'll never tame a litterer from ruining the experience for everyone else.

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