The holidays mean Disney pulls out all the stops with their holiday food, Taylor Swift is trade-marking everything and the Adele concert hits NBC tonight at 10!

Photo by Mark Ashman/ Disney via Getty Images

Kind of like all the restaurants that have a ‘secret’ menu, there are certain desserts and dishes that you can only get during the holidays at the most magical place on earth. These treats include gingerbread houses, candy canes, holiday themed funnel cake and turkey pot pie soup.

When her 1989 album dropped, Swift reportedly started trademarking certain words and phrases like ‘this sick beat’ and ‘1989’ itself. Now, she’s started a new list of phrases she’d like to trademark, most of which are lyrics to her wildly successful songs. However, there is one that stands out: Swiftmas. Merry Swistmas, everyone!

If you weren’t one of our lucky winners that got to see Adele perform live for the first time since 2011 a few weeks back, you can catch the entire special tonight on NBC at 10 p.m.