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On January 1, 2020, I had high hopes for the upcoming year. I had a wedding to plan, a new house to settle into, and high hopes for my career. Then COVID-19 came barreling into the U.S. like a train with no brakes and many opportunities and moments were stripped away. No more concerts, no more casual drinks at the bar with friends, and worst of all, no more wedding.

As September comes to a close and we enter the final three months of this tumultuous year, I find myself wondering what I would have done differently in the months prior to quarantine. If I knew that I would spend the year at home in front of Zoom, what would I have jam-packed into my days and nights to make the most out of January and February?

The constant anxiety of “the unknown” that seemed to follow us all year long really messed things up. No one expected the virus to affect us for the entire year, but here we are. Imagine if we knew that on March 17, everything would shut down. What would you have done differently in January and February? For me:

I wouldn’t have left my last concert early just to beat traffic.

I would have gone to a Patriots game.

I would have hugged my parents more.

I would have gone to a tropical paradise.

I would have chosen a night out on the town over a good night’s sleep.

What about you? What would you have done differently?

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