Let the love songs flow. It seems like all the artists feel like around the love holiday is the best time to release these love songs. This one is from a newcomer you may not have heard of before. His name is Ali Gatie.

Ali is from Canada and is only in his early twenties. While he may not be a name you're familiar with, he has already got himself over 1.7 million streams. If you fall in love with him for his music you may want to see him perform it live. He just announced he is going on tour and yes, there is a stop in Boston, at a spot at North Station called Big Night Live. He will be there on Wednesday, May 6. From what I hear this guy has an incredible voice, even more so live.

In case you missed me playing his song on the air today, take a listen to his official lyric video:

Ali definitely has some undeniable talent. It takes you back to that first time you told that special someone you loved them or maybe what you were thinking before you popped the question.

What do you think? Does Ali have a love song that you can hear on Fun 107 or better yet at a wedding? Maybe it's a good song to play for your Valentine?

Is this song wicked good or totally whack?

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