I took my daughter to a restaurant for lunch yesterday. The one where you can play TONS of games before or after you eat. Just buy a power card, and throw some money down and away you go. Then you play games, and out comes tickets. Throw them in a bucket, then after two hours, and 40 bucks later, you can go cash them in for an item from the prize store. 389 tickets, and all she could get was a tiny tiny plastic gumball machine with 5 small gumballs. That was 350 tickets, and with the remaining 39, she couldn't even get a hot ball.

Is it just me or is that a bit overboard. The little gumball machine probably cost them 45 cents. Either lower the amount of tickets it takes to get prizes, or make it a bit easier to win them. Oh yeah, you can get an ipad three for only 120,000 tickets!

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