Have you seen this sign before?

While shopping around in Market Basket one day, I took a turn into the soda aisle to pick up some seltzer water and was stopped in my tracks when I saw something peculiar.

The first item on the aisle 18 sign read "New Age Beverages." I know that grocery stores are constantly getting new products and items all the time, but this one was a stumper for me. I had even asked an employee and they had no idea and even told me that they've never noticed the sign before.

I searched up and down to see if anything stood out and the only product that came to mind were energy drinks such as 'Monster' and 'Red Bull.' The rest of the aisle was filled with Pepsi and Coca-Cola products with no sign of anything "New Age."

It's funny how such little things can bring such confusion. It's not like one of those random aisles that rarely get any action walking up and down, this is a soda aisle. I'm constantly picking up seltzer water or occasionally a few bottles of soda for house parties and get-togethers, so it surprises me that I've yet to notice these products.