If you're someone, like me, who mistakes simple communication on a daily basis, then get ready to relate to this story.

On Thursday, April 21, a Westport mom by the name of Mindy Bennivedse took a few of her nieces to a lovely princess-themed lunch at a place called Arooga's in Attleboro.

While deciding what to order, Bennivedse noticed a delicious-looking giant pretzel at the table next to hers. Right away, she had a hankering for the salty carb and asked her waitress for a pretzel of her own.

After about 10 minutes, the waitress returned, placed a Ticonderoga  No. 2 pencil in front of Bennivedse, apologized that it took forever to actually find one, and walked away leaving the table absolutely dumbfounded.

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"Apparently she thought I ordered a pencil and not a pretzel," Bennivedse said. "You should’ve seen her face when I told her. We are all dying laughing at the table."

Once the air was clear and the confusion had subsided, Bennivedse eventually got her giant pretzel and the rest is history.

Courteous Mindi Cadieux Bennivedse
Courteous Mindi Cadieux Bennivedse

It just goes to show how busy the world is and this poor waitress, who was probably working overtime and catering to toddlers and 4-year olds all-day, was doing her best to make her patrons happy. She simply misheard the order and thought nothing of it.

How many times have you been in this same situation?

Thankfully, this situation was laughed about and fixed immediately. I mean, pretzel and pencil aren't that far off, but one is most certainly less appetizing than the other.

Just be kind and laugh at the little things that make the world interesting.

That's the recipe for life.

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