Living here on the SouthCoast, we all know it’s important to drink in every single second of summer--because SouthCoast summers don’t last forever. That’s why we’re such big fans of the Coca-Cola Freestyle drinks at Wendy’s. They have more than 100 different choices for creating your own special drink.

Personally, I like Sprite with a little splash of Hi-C Fruit Punch, and maybe a little Minute Maid lemonade mixed in just for fun. Abby is hooked on the Raspberry Lime Vanilla Diet Coke. And Gazelle likes to keep things simple with one of Dave’s Signature Sodas: Dave’s Berry Vanilla Root Beer.

It got us thinking. What would the perfect SouthCoast combo be? Would it be Coca-Cola mixed with Orange and Cherry? Would it be a Cherry Peach Mello Yello? Or maybe the SouthCoast Freestyle is ginger ale-based?

We asked you to help us dream up the SouthCoast’s Freestyle drink at Wendy’s. We painstakingly tried the hundreds of different combinations submitted by our audience on Some of them were delicious, and honestly, some of them were downright weird (we're looking at you, Suzanne from Fall River).

You got creative (sometimes too creative). You got bold (sometimes too bold). From all of the entries, we have finally chosen our favorite: Stephanie created the combination of peach-flavored Sprite Zero combined with raspberry Powerade. Stephanie's combination has now been named the SouthCoast's official Coca-Cola Freestyle drink from Wendy's.

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