If you could only eat ice cream from one place in all of Massachusetts, one website says this Swansea shop is the one.

Eat This, Not That has named the best place to get ice cream in each of the 50 states. And for Massachusetts, they say Swansea is serving up the best creamy concoctions.

The Ice Cream Barn on Baker Farm is where this particular food website says the prime desserts are located in Mass., so I had to go and try it.

There seems to be a different favorite ice cream place for nearly every staff member at Fun 107, and I think I may have found mine.

It was super close to my sister's house and news of the "best in the state" title gave us a great excuse to grab the kids and go.

And we did not leave disappointed.

Yes, the line was long, but it moved surprisingly fast. My four-year-old didn't even lose her patience before she had chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles in hand.

Among our crew, we had classic cookies n' cream, the "limited edition" flavor key lime pie, chocolate brownie Oreo and for my lactose intolerant self, coffee Heath frozen yogurt.

All of it was delicious. And the portions were fantastic. Some of us couldn't even finish our smalls.

And the waffle cones and waffle bowls might be worth the trip themselves. We seriously found ourselves wondering if you could just buy one of those on a visit.

And I know I will be visiting this shop again.

I haven't tasted every ice cream in the entire state of Massachusetts, but the Ice Cream Barn's offerings were really good and definitely worth a try.

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