The 'Gangnam Style' rapper may have to answer a few questions, after reports of him being part of an anti-American concert have come out.

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About a month ago, some reports began to surface that the pudgy, lovable singer of that catchy 'Gangnam Style' song might have actually been a big time hater of America.

According to Gawker, in 2004, Psy was going by the name 'ausjeon', and took part in a song at an anti-American concert called 'Dear America'. We would post the lyrics of the song, but they by far too offensive and vulgar, so look at the NSFW link at your own risk.

Now according to the report, because of where Psy was living at the time, he couldn't help but be involved in the activities. In 2002, tentions between the USA and Korea were high, and many were caught up in the 'movement'.