This is probably the most anticipated Sand Castle Competition on the East Coast this summer.

TSM/christine fox photo red: Mark Brodeur
TSM/christine fox
photo cred: Mark Brodeur

As a kid, I pretty much grew up on the beach and for as long as I can remember, building sand castles was a daily thing.  We would wait for the sand bar to come out because that's where the "good" sand for building was. We would gather all of our sand castle building supplies and set up shop on the sand bar. Castles with dug out underground water holes, rivers, canals and bridges were our forte' but as we got older, we got more creative.  We started building mermaids, animals and the boys would create buildings.  Todays Minecraft video game kind of resembles what sand castle building was back in the day.  My kids love the beach too (thank God) and are also into building and creating sand castles.

Sand Castle

Anyhow, the International Sand Sculpting Event is back at Revere Beach just north of Boston next weekend and it is definitely one of the biggest of it's kind on the entire East Coast. So many crafters practice all year for this and come from all over the country to compete. I thought it would be fun to take a ride up to see some of the art that will be created over the weekend event. Like I mentioned, my boys are also into building sand castles and I think they are going to love this little outing I've got planned. This not only gets them outside for the day but also sparks their creativity in something hands on and not video game related, which as a mom, I appreciate. 🙋🏼⛱

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