Pretty sure I have yet to meet a dog that I don't instantly fall in love with.

Today,  we celebrate our furry friends with International Dog Day. I'm thinking a doggy spa day is in order, but I'm thinking we can thank our four-legged furballs with a simple tummy rub.

There is nothing like a puppy face to get you out of bed in the morning. Something about that head tilt they give us makes our heart melt every time, even when they just had an accident on our favorite carpet.

Jackson/Townsquare Media
Jackson/Townsquare Media

Today is also a day to think about adopting a pup of your own.

There are so many amazing dogs in need of homes. If you have been on the fence about adopting, today is the day you think about it seriously. Dogs have been loyal companions for so many. You need one, too.

In case you are thinking about adoption, here are a few in the area that you can maybe stop in and just meet a few dogs looking for their special someone. Who knows, one may steal your heart.

Lighthouse Animal Shelter
596 Hathaway Road, New Bedford
(508) 999-7387

The Humane Society & Shelter SouthCoast
31 Ventura Drive, North Dartmouth
(508) 995-6661

Center for Animal Rescue and Education (C.A.R.E.)
111 Main Street, Acushnet
(508) 994-0220

Forever Paws Animal Shelter
300 Lynwood Street, Fall River
(508) 677-9154

While I don't personally have a pup, I tend to borrow my family members' dogs to pet and love on. They are easy to love, even if they go crazy every time they see me!
I would love to see your pup pics, so go ahead and post them in the comments or send them to us via the Fun 107 app. Pup pics for pup pics!

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