Welcome to the semi-finals, 'Voice' fans! We're getting down to the wire here, and with only four contestants left, it means there are only four more opportunities for Christina Aguilera to wig shopping. She has to do something with her time now that she has no team members left. Oh, and Adam Levine is in the same boat.

We're thankful to the NBC gods for only making tonight's episode a one-hour installment, because, let's face it ... having to sit through two hours of a show that only has four people left is just plain silly; and we thank you, peacock network, for not wasting our time and getting right down to it.

But they lied, because Michael Buble is here to kick off the show with a bluesy rendition of 'Baby Please Come Home,' and although we were blinded by his bright white tuxedo, we were ga-ga for his voice, despite the unusual lack of strength. He also experimented with some mashed potato dance moves, which, Mr. Buble, you can feel free to put on the back burner.

And on to the performances we go!

Trevin HunteB-roll footage showed Trevin packing up and heading to Georgia to visit his family and middle school. It was sweet, it was touching, it made you tear up, as the young 18-year-old happens to do each week with his performances.

This week, he dedicated his song choice, 'Wind Beneath My Wings' to Lithonia Middle School, his alma mater. Once we got past the song choice and the initial groan of it all, we found ourselves enamored by his performance yet again. Though he started off key and flat, he picked it up with multiple money notes which ended up giving us goosebumps, but we still wish he'd take a risk.

Coaches Thoughts: Adam said this was exactly what Cee Lo should've done as a coach; Christina, who has sung the song multiple times over her career, said she "never sang it as crazy great as that, you took it to another level." His coach called his voice "amazingly beautiful." Duh.

Nicholas DavidSo the theme of this week is obviously "going back to their roots," because he took a little trip to Minnesota to visit his new house for the first time, and to visit the doctor with his newly pregnant wife. Aw! Then he went to the Mall of America and we're busy shaking our fists in the air over pure shopper's jealousy.

The soul man sang 'You Are So Beautiful' and ... holy buckets, wait! He didn't have any glasses on!! This is a major thing guys! His voice was smooth, if not subtle in its tone, but he carried the song well and managed to convey the message to his family beautifully. It was typical Nicholas David, but it's truly the tone of his voice that make his performances so spectacular.

Coaches Thoughts: Adam called him one of the most soulful people he's ever met and that he likes him as a person; his coach said his performance was heartfelt and beautiful.

He invited all 16 of his former team members back from this season to record the Christmas track 'White Christmas' in the studio, which was kind of awkward, but kind of sweet at the same time. But then he brought them to the live show to perform and we really could've done without the boring performance of singers trying to out-sing one another. 'Tis the season ... we guess.

Cassadee Pope: She performed 'Stupid Boy' tonight. Read the full recap of her performance here.

Terry McDermottJust when we thought he was going to go back to Scotland to see his family, we get the rug pulled out from under us, because he actually lives in New Orleans. Dang! He snuck up on his son and gave him a kiss hello, and wouldn't you know, his son doesn't share the same awesome accent he does. But there is a Scottish surprise here: his aunt and uncle secretly flew to NOLA, and the look on Terry's face was priceless.

We were teased about his song choice all night, so when host Carson Daly announced he'd be singing 'Let It Be' by the Beatles, we shrieked with excitement. Everything about the song choice screams "perfect" to us when matched up next to McDermott. And he sure gave a helluva effortless performance; it just came naturally to him tonight, and his voice seemed to be the clearest we've ever heard from him since the competition began.

Coaches Thoughts: "Thank God for you Terry, you're so wonderful ... and to have a moment that makes us all so happy is important," said Adam. His coach called the song "sacred ground," and said he was one of the few performers who should ever touch that song. "I believe that was musical perfection," said Shelton.

And what a way to close the show!

As per usual, the results show is tomorrow night, but this time, only one person will be going home instead of the typical two. So make sure you vote for your favorite!

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