If there's one thing that's guaranteed to raise blood pressure and stress somebody out to the max, it's driving around in Providence, searching for parking.

There has to be some type of secret to finding street parking because the good Lord has never shined a light on an available spot for me before. To make matters worse, I have a tall SUV with a roof rack that won't fit in most garages around the city.

Especially over at the Providence Place Mall parking garage.

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Before I start getting the "Bro, just take your racks off" comments, I really shouldn't have to.

My vehicle (with the racks) fits in most, if not all, of the garages in New Bedford and Fall River, but I get the 6-foot-7-inches or 6-foot-8-inches nonsense across Providence. It took me 35 minutes to finally find parking in the Rhode Island capital, making me late for a meeting in the mall.

Hundreds of employees work at the mall and I bet you any money that some of them have experienced this issue, too. The garage itself is massive, but the architecture has failed the public with low ceilings.

I'm 6 feet, 4 inches tall myself and my head just clears the low hanging concrete beams.

With all the money and infrastructure that went into building this garage, a place where its sole purpose is to house customers, you'd think they would consider those with larger vehicles.

Sure, I'm ready for the "should-have-bought-a-smaller-car" or "stop-complaining-and-suck-it-up" or even the "if-you-don't-like-it-stay-out-of-Providence" people, but I'm there for business, not pleasure.

The parking, in general, is horrendous and only hurts local businesses.

Sorry, not sorry.

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