If you're Portuguese and you know it, clap your hands. Or instead, show it off on your license plate.

Over in Assonet, Joshua Frias has made the Portuguese community here on the SouthCoast very proud. His blue Subaru WRX may be flashy, but it's what's written on the license plate that will most likely catch your attention.

This is one of those "if you know, you know" Portuguese moments as Frias has secured "POPSEC" via the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Talk about brilliant. I mean, who doesn't like a fresh papo seco? For the non-Portuguese people out there reading this, it's simply Portuguese bread that goes well with just about everything.

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Besides the obvious reasons of being Portuguese himself, I had to find out the backstory on this decision that led Frias to own the most delicious-looking license plate I've ever laid eyes on.

"I've had the plate for about four to five years," Frias said. "I originally went down to the DMV, filled out an application and they made me choose three options for the name that goes through a review process to make sure it's not vulgar. The one I wanted the most was my first option and it was approved."

At the time Frias bought his car, he wanted a license plate that said something fun and made people smile.

"It's funny because the locals knew exactly what it meant, and the out-of-towners were puzzled by it," Frias said.

If you ask me, this plate is genius. Hands-down top three best license plates I've ever witnessed. Well done, Frias, well done.

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