It looks like our furry friends have been getting a little bit of an upgrade in technology.

According to, an LED dog collar called the Buddy smart dog collar has been created by Squeaker to help keep your pooch safe at night.

The device aims to give you a way to track the activity and location of your pet.

The device offers systems such as GPS tracking, a temperature sensor, an accelerometer, Bluetooth connectivity, a rechargeable battery and a built-in OLED information display. The LED collar is also waterproof.

The app associated with the collar allows the pet’s owner to create a virtual activity fence for the dog, which will alert the owner if the dog somehow moves beyond that activity fence.

The Buddy smart dog collar also comes with a Wi-Fi enabled base station which will go off every time your dog moves outside its designated activity area.

The Buddy comes in small, medium, and large sizes, and will sell for around $180.

Watch the video down below of the Buddy LED dog collar.

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez