The world as we know it is untruthful, and that statement alone is a conspiracy.

I'll be honest, I'm not one to dabble within the realms of political machination, government schemes or even the infamous privacy bugging from Big Brother, but there's something fishy in the air that has trapped my inner-senses in a worrisome manner.

Over the past week or two, Facebook's "10-Year Challenge" has taken social media by storm. It's a simple meme of placing a photo of yourself from 10 years ago beside a current photo of yourself to signify the difference in resemblance from aging.

"Everybody's doing it," -My Facebook Newsfeed

Yeah, not this guy.

I see you, F.B.I., and I'm not falling for your reindeer games.

If you're wondering how something so innocent could be so dangerous, I'll explain my madness for a better understanding:

  • Facial Recognition is everywhere around us (i.e. iPhones, airports, government facility centers).
  • "Age Progression Algorithms" are no longer a futuristic equation; we have already begun the process of building Big Brother's database.
  • Anyone who participated in the meme could now be a victim of privacy invasion.

Those are just a few points to support my theory and shouldn't be taken lightly. Don't believe me? How about these reliable (supposedly) news sources who share the same opinion on the subject:

Just to name a couple.

The point of this is not to scare you, but to rather inform you of the bigger picture that could spontaneously spawn from something as simple as a meme on Facebook. Be cautious with what you post and the information you exude upon the masses. You never know who's watching or who's waiting for the right time to make a harmful move.

If I could leave you with one last bit of advice, especially to the younger crowd of this generation, it's this:

"Going viral is not always a good thing." -Gazelle

So open that third-eye and may the force be with you all. God speed, my friends.


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