Thinking of sneaking your pet a little bit of Thanksgiving dinner? You may want to think again. These Turkey Day foods can be toxic for your animal friends.

The experts have broken down the do's and don't of feeding your pets from the dinner table on Thanksgiving Day.

And here's what they say is safe and what can be toxic.

Turkey: As long as the turkey is unseasoned and has no skin, it is okay to slip some to your pet. The turkey your pet gets should also have no bones, which can lead to choking when swallowed or even to surgery if they get stuck in your pet's GI tract.

Stuffing: No way. Typical Thanksgiving stuffing has a lot more than just bread. The seasoning sage, sausage, nuts, onions, raisins, grapes, etc that are often in stuffing can all seriously upset your dog's stomach. So skip this one unless you like cleaning up after your pet all night.

Pumpkin Pie and Sweet Potato Pie: These dishes typically require nutmeg, which is down right toxic to dogs. This is another big no-no when thinking of sneaking your pet a treat on Thanksgiving.

Carrots: Plain, old carrots are just fine for Fido. Cooked carrots from your plates are totally doable on Thanksgiving, just make sure the veggies aren't seasoned with anything. Even better, try to get some of the raw carrots before they make it to the table for a nice treat with a crunch.

Bread or Rolls: Go ahead with these dinner starters too. These treats are as healthy for your dog as they are for you, basically just empty carbs. But as long as they are cooked rolls and not the raw dough, they are perfectly safe for your pet.

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