What could be funnier than Taylor Swift loopy after her Lasik surgery?

On the show Friday morning during the Entertainment Update, we chatted about how busy Taylor Swift was this week and that she'll be just as busy this weekend. She'll be performing (and doing some skits, we hope) on Saturday Night Live.

On Thursday, she hung out with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show and played along with Jimmy's games of course. What was very funny was when Jimmy blindsided Taylor regarding a recent Lasik surgery that she had. He asked her if she had had the surgery and she was baffled at how he would know that. You can totally see it in her face. He finally confessed that Taylor's mom offered up the video, to which Taylor ok'd I guess.

It is hysterical and so so real, I love it.

I know several people who have gone through Lasik surgery and the drugs they give you to get through the surgery can leave a person really loopy. Some say that a lot of "secrets" are revealed during this time.

In Taylor's case, the only thing revealed here is that she likes bananas and so does her mom. The video takes place at her home right after the surgery and looks like her mom is taking it. It is beyond cute. To see Taylor like this is pure gold, for sure.

I will be looking forward to Saturday Night Live this weekend and really hope that Taylor will be acting in some of the skits in addition to performing.

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