It was quite the day for Courtney Merriman.

It was right after 8 o'clock in the morning when she pulled into her children's school to drop off her 2 and 4 year old when Courtney got THE CALL.  On the line?  Her very favorite radio station with some incredible news.

As Maddie said, "Just a vacation to South Beach, Miami alone is exciting, but can you imagine getting to go to the Taylor Swift show on top of that?  Tickets to the Eras Tour?  OK!" said Maddie.

She's not wrong.  And Courtney won't be going to Miami during the dog says of summer.  The Era's Tour lands in South Beach towards the end of October.  So, while there's frost on the pumpkins here in New Bedford, Courtney will be rockin' her shades and shorts in Florida.

When we asked who she'd be taking to the concert, there was no hesitation.  She will be bringing her friend, Jenna.  "We're bonded.  Swiftie besties for life.  There's no one else I would take."  Courtney says she's traveled all the way to Soldier's Field Chicago to catch the Era's Tour last summer and that she and Jenna started entering the Swiftie code words in the app to try to win the dream contest.  They made a deal with one another that if they won, they would take each other.  Courtney didn't forget that.

That leaves Courtney's husband alone with the two kids, but Courtney tells us that he's a great husband and dad.  "He gets it," said Courtney.

The Fun 107 staff is wishing Courtney and Jenna the best time in Miami!

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