Taylor Swift is always giving back to her fans and the community.  She really is such a genuine soul and a class act. A few weeks ago she spent 5 hours at Hasbro Children's Hospital and spent a significant amount of time with a Dartmouth boy while she was there. Earlier this month she took a weekend trip to Ohio to do something not many other celebrities would do. When she received an invitation to her super-fan Gena's bridal shower, which was RED themed, Taylor decided to give her the surprise of a lifetime.

Usually invitees are asked to RSVP but Taylor thought it would mean a lot more to Gena to just show up. Taylor documented her journey to the bridal shower herself and brought no press along with her. She did this because she loves her fans, had never been to a bridal shower, and just genuinely wanted to be there.

Taylor, continue doing what you do. You are truly an inspiration to us all!