Are you ready for it, Massachusetts?

Ahead of the highly anticipated arrival of Taylor Swift, Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey announced on Thursday that she will present the pop star with a Governer’s Citation as a “thank you” for making the commonwealth “shimmer.”

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What is a Governor’s Citation?

A Governor’s Office has the power to provide citations, proclamations, and letters of greeting as a service to community members to honor and celebrate people, groups and events, or to increase awareness of noteworthy issues among citizens.

A citation is to recognize a specific achievement. For Massachusetts, citations can be issued for birthdays over 65 years, couples celebrating their 50th or later wedding anniversary, retirementsand outstanding services or deeds.

In Swift’s case, her outstanding service/deed of selling out Gillette Stadium and causing mass hysteria among Swifties was grounds for a special citation from the Bay State’s governor.

Maura Healey to Give Taylor Swift Special Citation

“Love this,” wrote one person.

“Could put more MBTA trains out for the Swifties. Get less people driving and wasting time and emissions in traffic,” said another.

One big fan shot their shot for tickets: “Governor Healey, if you get an extra ticket this weekend, may I please go with you?”

While some people were all about it, others weren’t so impressed.

Wherever you fall on the T-Swift fan spectrum, one thing is for certain: If you don’t have a ticket this weekend, avoid Foxboro at all costs for your own sanity.

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