I'm taking all the precautions and wearing my mask when I'm out in public, but there is no better feeling than taking it off.

Recently, I was taking a moment to run some errands and grab some things I need to continue to stay at home. I think I was out for a total of two hours, wearing my mask everywhere but my car. I don't ever want to complain about doing the right thing and protecting myself and others, but I think we all know that wearing these things absolutely stinks.

As soon as I got in my car and used some antibacterial on my hands, I pulled my mask off and it was so relieving. I could finally breathe! It gets so sweaty under there.

While we will have to do this for a while yet, I started wondering how everyone was handling this feeling.

Then it hit me: ladies, every single day you have to wear a bra – which, time and time again, I have been told is a bunch of cloth with metal wires and just plain uncomfortable. While I have only experienced this mask thing for the last few months and only a few hours a day at most, I couldn't imagine having to wear one all day, every day. A few ladies in the office have even said that wearing the mask is worse than wearing a bra.

So, ladies, I guess we guys want to know: what's worse, wearing your bra all day or having to wear a mask all day? I guess this is my way of trying to further relate to the ladies no matter how big of a stretch it may be.

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