It seems the general consensus is that T.F. Green is the preferred airport for anyone flying from the SouthCoast. I'll have to agree. Parking is much easier and cheaper. Getting in and out is definitely not as confusing as going through the tunnel to get to Logan International in Boston.

Here is my gripe with Green: it doesn't have much of a selection when it comes to food choices, and just the overall experience is kind of bland.

Well, it looks like they are taking steps to change that. Rhode Island Airport Corporation has announced several additions to the airport.

The new spots will include Wahlburgers, a Brick Oven Pizza Show, Dunkin', Whalers Rhode Island, and Hope & Main. Those are a few of the additions being put in the airport.

Why is this so important? Just think about it. How many times has your flight been delayed, or worse, canceled? You're stuck at the airport. Nothing to do, limited choices on what to eat. The only way to kill some time is to get yourself situated at a bar with some good beer and food. T.F. Green is pretty limited at the moment.

Now, this is just a proposed change to the airport. A much-needed one seeing as it's been 23 years since the airport has had any structural changes.

Being that I'm a part-time flight attendant, this would be so welcomed. We practically live on airport food and just like passengers, we need something to fill the time when flights get all messed up.

I certainly hope this airport gets some love. So many of us prefer traveling in and out of this airport. Until these changes are made, I'll stick to Logan. There are more direct flights out of there and, well, more things to do in the airport, regardless of the hassle it is to get in there.

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