Move over corn mazes, the sunflower maze is here to bring your fall fun to summertime.

Honestly this is a genius idea, I can't believe more people aren't doing it.

A mini sunflower maze in the summer.

And the only one we've heard of is right in Swansea at Simcock Farm.

If you ever seen a field of sunflowers then you know that these tall blooms are easy to get lost in. So Simcock Farm wants you to do just that.

They have created two mini mazes, a short and a long, for those who love the adventure of a corn maze but don't want to wait until fall.

And the best part is, you can enjoy a huge cone of delicious ice cream at the farm after you make your way through the flower field.

ice cream and sunflowers
Simcock Farm Facebook page

You can't do that at a corn maze.

Visually the sunflower maze has the corn maze beat too. Walking through huge yellow blooms has much more photo opportunity then end of season corn stalks.

Don't get me wrong, I will absolutely be hitting up as many corn mazes as I can come fall - I love a good corn maze. But getting a jump of that kind of fun with a sunflower maze sounds a-maze-ing (pun totally intended).

It's a short-lived maze season with the sunflowers though, so get yourself to Simcock Farm asap so you can enjoy it.

The maze is open Monday - Thursday 3 p.m. - 7 p.m., Friday 12 p.m. - 7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. and it's $5 per person.

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