Valentine’s Day is this Sunday. Exciting news for some, irrelevant news to others. Either way, February 14 has been a day dedicated to love for decades. It’s the day you thank Cupid for the love you found or hope Cupid’s arrow finds you before the night’s over. And when it comes to celebrating that love, the day can get a little pricey.

Ross and I have been together for three years. At the beginning of the relationship, as any new love birds would do, Valentine’s Day was a day of showering each other with gifts. I would get him his favorite chocolate and cologne; he would get me shiny jewelry. A fancy dinner was a given and top-shelf liquor was a treat.

It was a pretty sweet trade, but as the years went on and our priorities changed, we didn’t see a need to break the bank for Valentine’s Day. So this year, we won’t be buying each other gifts, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be expressing our love in different ways.

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To the single ladies and gents, this might be where I lose you. If you’re single for Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to some champagne, chocolate, and good company. I am no longer single, so I came up with inexpensive ways to show my love and appreciation for my fiancé.

Here are 10 different ways you can say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day that will give your partner the warm and fuzzies without spending a fortune.

10 Valentine's Day Ideas for Thrifty Hearts

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