Paul Chaisson, an interior designer based out of Fairhaven, stopped into The Rock and Fox Show this morning to offer some tips for home decor.

I was surprised to find out that wallpaper is making a strong comeback. Paul, however, was quick to correct me that wallpaper is not really a trend, because it never really went away. Gone are the days of your grandmother's wallpaper featuring barns, flowers, or animals, but wallpaper is still a terrific way to compliment a room. Paul says the right wallpaper can even be a replacement for hanging a photo or a piece of art. He says that grasscloth wallpaper is very popular in this area because it is a nice compliment to a coastal home.

Listen to Paul Chaisson on the Rock and Fox Show here:

Chaisson warns to be careful about jumping on trends for major purchases.

"You don't want to go too trendy on something like a countertop, a couch or anything expensive," he said. "Get as trendy as you want with things like throw pillows, frames and things that should probably be replaced every couple of years anyway."

Chaisson also told us that barn themes are very big right now in the home. Barn doors, he says, have always been a big hit and they're not going anywhere–just don't overdo it. "The whole Magnolia home line of things is very big," says Chaisson.

People make the mistake of making a beach house the same as a coastal home. They are two very different things. Starfish, shellfish and mermaids are great for your cottage, but do you want to have that for your main home? I'd suggest going for a more "grown-up" look.

If there is one takeaway from our time this morning with Paul Chaisson, it is moderation.

"The key to take something and to NOT turn it into an ordinary process," says Chaisson. "If you overdo something in your home you are now making it ordinary, which is not what you want."


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