Something Rotten opened at the Providence Performing Arts Center Tuesday night and before the show wraps on Sunday you should see it!

This is the first national tour of the hit Broadway musical about two brothers in the 1590s writing the world's first musical.

The show garnered 10 Tony Award nominations in its run on Broadway and with audiences around the country finally able to check it out without traveling too far, the buzz is getting even bigger.

The play was nothing but entertaining from start to finish. The songs, the sets, the costumes (the cod pieces!) all comes together beautifully giving the audience hours of fun.

The actors were simply amazing, many of them are from the original Broadway cast.

And the songs were just so good!

The story follows two brothers in Shakespeare's time trying to compete with the Bard and his string of Globe theater hits. One visits a seer who tells him musicals will be the next big thing on the stage and the brothers then set out to write the first one.

There are so many hilarious references to other musicals, so many delightful little innuendos throughout the story and just the smallest of jokes where you least expect them.

It was funny from start to finish and so darn entertaining it absolutely leaves the audience wanting more.

And the crowd on opening night at PPAC was eating it up. Huge rounds of applause, a standing ovation at the end and so much light-hearted laughter.

I haven't had this much fun at the theater in a while and would highly recommend anyone who loves a good laugh and a silly song to see this musical while it is in town.

This is actually the last stop on this Something Rotten national when it ends on Sunday it is done.

Get your tickets now so you don't miss out!

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