I have to admit, Michael Rock totally nailed it when he said the graduation parades were an event to be seen in person.

On Friday night around 6 p.m., the entire towns of Somerset and Berkley set up their lawn chairs and signs of "congratulations" by the street as the 2020 senior class of Somerset Berkley Regional High School took over Route 138 from Somerset all the way up to Berkley and beyond.

What a rush!

Hundreds of cars were lined up with police detail and, of course, the famous Fun 107 van as we began the roll-tide down county street. I've never seen so much support than I did that night.

"See," Michael Rock said to me, "I told you. The amount of people who come out to wish the Seniors luck and congrats are outstanding."

He couldn't have been any more spot on.

The parents and Seniors dressed their cars from top to bottom with balloons and signs and represented their talents and college of acceptance. I couldn't help but feel somewhat jealous, and I mean that. Is this what our future graduations are going to consist of? If so, where was this "parade" idea back in 2005?

Honestly, ask yourself this: would you rather sit in an auditorium or under a tent for hours on end, waiting for your kid, family member or friend to cross the stage (most times during some sweltering weather) or would you be more comfortable sitting from the sidelines of your own front lawn or that of a neighbor or friend?

I don't know about you, but I would much rather have an organized graduation parade than a ceremony any day.

Here's how Friday night turned out:

Somerset Berkley Graduation Parade 2020

Fun 107's coverage of the Somerset Berkley Class of 2020 parade was made possible thanks to Sonic of Somerset.

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