My husband and I won't have any romantic dinners for Valentine's night and here's why.

Valentine's Day has fallen on a Friday and for many people that probably means a dinner and night out with the one you love.

But my someone special is going to be spending his Valentine's night with someone else and I am totally okay with that.

It sounds weird, but it's really not.

One of my husband's best friends that he hasn't seen in years is going to be traveling through our neck of the woods on his way north for the weekend. He happened to reach out just the other day in hopes that the two could hang out and catch up and Valentine's was the only day that worked.

So, of course, I said "yeah, hang out, catch up, have a great night."

I mean it has literally been years since these two have seen each other and who knew when they would get the chance again? And since he was traveling solo, it wasn't really an opportunity for a double date. Just me being a third wheel if I went along.

To me, no big deal. Valentine's can be celebrated all weekend. But some people were a little surprised I gave up the night for a guys night so easily.

Honestly, I'm kind of excited to have the house to myself after the kids go to sleep.

I can drink wine, lounge on the couch, watch one of the shows I love that he hates without his commentary. It sounds just as good as date night to me.

So am I crazy?

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