If there was ever a sign that candles can be a lucrative business, its these two mind-blowing properties of Yankee Candle founder Michael Kittredge. Both of these former family homes are on the market right now and both will make your jaw drop when you look inside.

Tucked away in Leverett, Massachusetts, the former Kittredge family compound was custom-built decades ago and features every amenity you can think of (and then some).

Both homes have recently hit the market, three years after Kittredge passed away at 67. His three children presumably own the property now and though I couldn't imagine parting with these places, they have decided to do just that.

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Yankee Candle Kittredge Estate

The largest of the two homes is a 60-acre, 120,000-square-foot estate that features a main house, several guest houses, a 50,000-square-foot spa and even an indoor water park.

Johnny Hatem Jr/Douglas Elliman
Johnny Hatem Jr/Douglas Elliman

Located at 113 Juggler Meadow and listed by Johnny Hatem Jr of Douglas Elliman Real Estate, the house could easily be sold as a theme park it features so many cool things. Any child would be thrilled to spend a day here and most adults would have an amazing time, too.

Yankee Candle Rustic Retreat

But if all that fun and excitement becomes too overwhelming, there's a Kittredge home for that, too.

Clinton J Stone/Remax
Clinton J Stone/Remax

A quarter-mile from the main home is the Kittredge family rustic retreat. This smaller home is only 10,000 square feet on 10 acres of land. The place screams woodsy and comes completely furnished.

Both houses are stunning to see and you can keep scrolling to take a peak inside them both.

Insanely Luxurious Leverett Home Once Owned By Yankee Candle Founder

If this jaw-dropping, 60-acre property in Leverett tells us anything, it's that candles are a lucrative business. The home once owned by Yankee Candle founder Michael Kittredge at 113 Juggler Meadow is on the market and blowing the mind of everyone who takes a peek inside.

Get Rustic in This Second Luxury Leverett Property Owned By Yankee Candle Founder

If Michael Kittredge's main Leverett home was too much property, maybe his second home in town is more your style.
Nestled just a short .25 mile walk from the main 60-acre compound, this 10-acre "rustic" getaway house comes with a fresh water stream to sit by, private orchard for seasonal fruit picking and all the furniture you see inside.

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