Like to save money and avoid crowds? Then winter could be the perfect time for you to visit Roger Williams Park Zoo!

The zoo can be a great place to visit any time of year, but Roger Williams Park Zoo is giving you extra motivation to stop by in the winter months.

During January and February, all admission is half price at the zoo...and lots of exhibits are open to enjoy/

Winter hours at Providence's historic zoo are from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. each day. That means plenty of daylight hours to visit with the animals!

Many of RWP Zoo's exhibits are open all year round outside and seeing snow leopards and monkeys actually playing in the snow is pretty awesome.

There are also quite a few indoor exhibits to enjoy as well (in case you need a bit of a warm-up!). The elephants, giraffes, Komodo dragon, tamarins and more can be seen at their indoor enclosures.

And though the big backyard water features are understandably turn off, kids can still climb in the giant tree house and play in the nature area.

All in all, there is still plenty to see and do at the zoo in the winter months.

So when cabin fever sets in, break out! And head to Roger Williams Park Zoo where you can enjoy half-priced admission through the end of February.

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