Rhode Island is the only state missing from this international charity challenge. So who will step up?

Kids across the country are participating in the 50 Yard Challenge this summer, but Rhode Island still hasn't had a single child step up yet.

The We Are Raising Men charity may not be one you've heard of, but they are doing great things for communities across the country.

They basically pair young men up with veterans, the elderly, disabled and even single mothers to offer services like lawn mowing, leaf raking and snow shoveling, all free of charge.

It helps the people who need it get basic home care services done and teaches these young men and women the value of giving back (not mention teaching them basic yardwork skills). All good things if you ask me.

And this summer the organization launched their 50 Yard Challenge.

For every ten lawns you cut you get a different t-shirt, with the ultimate goal of scoring the elusive 50 lawns black t-shirt.

Once you accept the challenge on the organization's website, you get sent a white t-shirt, shades and ear protection. Then you are off!

Mow like you've never mown before, compete with your friends to see who gets the next shirt first and help out people in your community. And when you hit 50 lawns, you can score a new lawnmower - awesome!

So c'mon, Rhode Island! You don't want to be the only state not helping out those in their community, right?

I know there are plenty of people that could use this kind of help. So are there any kids ready to take the challenge?

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