We got a call from Paul Schmid, the local state rep that is hoping to ban youth tackle football across Massachusetts. You can listen to his full interview right here.

While I couldn't disagree more with Rep. Schmid's goal to ban tackle football for kids, I certainly appreciate his candor and we are grateful for his willingness to appear on our radio show this morning. I believe that even if we don't agree with one another, we can all learn something when we can have a spirited, yet respectful discussion.

Hear Schmid's full interview here:

While I believe Schmid's heart is in the right place, I believe this bill is wildly overreaching. No one wants to see any child get hurt doing any activity, but the answer isn't always to ban every activity that could possibly cause injury to a child. If so, tackle football would only be the first casualty. Soccer, which is also a major cause for concussions, would be the next target.  What about lacrosse? My son suffered a concussion playing lacrosse, should that be banned, too?

Kids could get hit in the head with baseballs, they can fall off their bikes, they could slip on a pier and crack their head open while fishing. There is a certain amount of risk/reward with any activity under the sun. It is up to families, not politicians, to decide when that risk/benefit line is crossed.

I have been a youth football coach for years. I have seen some amazing things happen on a football field, during practices and games. I've seen boys with no dads getting their only real male influence on those football fields. Football teaches kids responsibility and respect. It teaches them how to rely on others and how to perform so that others can rely on them. Football gives players confidence and a physical and mental toughness that can be extremely valuable as they head into the real world.

While I sympathize with any child that gets injured playing any youth sport, I believe that politicians have no place in this decision. This is a decision best made with children and their parents.

There are a lot of people who don't want their children playing tackle football, and that's perfectly OK. However, please don't tell my child which sports he can and cannot play. Our family is perfectly capable of weighing the risks and benefits on our own.

While you may be indifferent because you don't have children playing in football, your children's favorite sport could be the next to be deemed too dangerous in Massachusetts.

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