Who doesn't love a good pun? Some may even agree that puns are the best form of comedy.

Now don't go shaking your head. Puns are harmless, silly and usually friendly for the whole family to enjoy. Plus, what would dad jokes be without a good pun or two?

Here on the SouthCoast, it's always fun to check out fun and unique business names while you're out on a Sunday drive or running the weekly errands. Most of the time, you'll just spot the businesses you've grown accustomed to seeing, but every once in a while, something new and interesting will catch your eye.

Since I moved to the SouthCoast in March of 2021, I have constantly been on the hunt for some of the punniest business names on the SouthCoast, from Fall River to Wareham and everywhere in between. I've come across quite a few of my own personal favorites, and with a couple pretty punny recommendations from fellow SouthCoast residents and listeners, we've put together a pretty prime list of some of the punniest business names in the region.

So without further ado, prepare to giggle and grin, chuckle and chortle, snicker and shriek. Maybe even a snort or two will escape as you sift through some of our favorite punny business names. And who knows, maybe we're missing one of your personal favorites! If so, let us know so we can add them to the list.

These Punny SouthCoast Business Names Are Peak Comedy

It's hard not to love a good pun, and here on the SouthCoast, there are quite a few businesses sporting puns in their names. Here are just a few of our favorites.

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