Crimes are prosecuted in court everyday, but it's not often the crimes are actually committed in the court. That's what happened Tuesday at the New Bedford District Court, when 23-year-old Clifton Jefferson allegedly stole a remote car key from a bin near the X-ray machine at the courthouse entrance and found the car nearby.

Jefferson was a passenger in the stolen 2012 Hyundai, which was driven by 34-year-old Sheena Louise Andrade of New Bedford. The vehicle pulled into the Waterfront Grille parking lot, not too far from the courthouse, with police stopping and arresting the couple as they were seen walking to the Fairfield Inn.

Police recovered a cell phone and the vehicle, and returned them to their rightful owner. The victim told police the vehicle contained two other cell phones, an Apple watch, and two wallets that were not found in Andrade's or Jefferson's possession.

Jefferson is charged with larceny of a motor vehicle and five counts of larceny over $250. Andrade is charged with receiving stolen property, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, and receiving stolen property over $250.