The morning show on Fun 107 has never been a politically driven show. We like to be an escape from a lot of those heavy, real-world topics. I think we all get our fill of seeing people argue about politics on Facebook. We don't need that on Michael and Maddie where we like to, well, keep things fun.

I brought something up on the air this morning, though, about the race for Bristol County Sheriff. It pits incumbent Tom Hodgson against Attleboro Mayor Paul Heroux.

Trying to win over the voters on the SouthCoast, Heroux has spent a good chunk of change advertising on Fun 107.

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Here's the thing, though. I swear I heard Heroux run a commercial a few weeks ago that pronounced Heroux like "huh-ROW." Almost as if you were trying to say "hello" with a mouthful of marbles.

However, yesterday morning Heroux ran a new commercial on Fun 107 that had Heroux himself pronouncing his own name completely different than the original radio commercial. In the new commercial the candidate says his name like "hero."

Clearly, the hero pronunciation plays well for marketing and political purposes, but Heroux has already won elections using the former pronunciation.

So, what's the deal?

Heroux called us this morning to explain.

"I've always used all three different pronunciations of my name," Heroux told Michael and Maddie.

Heroux says sometimes he pronounces his name like "hero," sometimes like "huh-ROW," and other times "huh-ROO."

Heroux says he's used all three pronunciations interchangeably, "especially when I'm tired," he said.

Basically, there's no wrong way to say his name.

Here's a clip of Heroux saying his name as "huh-ROW" at the 26:05 mark. This was two weeks ago.

This video from two months ago has Heroux pronouncing his name closer to "hero." In the current commercial on Fun 107, Heroux pronounces his name as "hero" plain as day.

Now you know why.

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