A heart-warming story began during the parade of the 2015 Madeira Feast. An elderly vender, Alan Greenberg from Brookline, MA, was working the parade with his trusty companion, Oscar, when he happened to look down to discover Oscar gone. They have been so close for years - Oscar was Alan's best friend and loyal companion. He searched for Oscar that day and even stayed overnight at a motel The next day he made posters and distributed them throughout the city in hopes of finding his best friend.

After he had no success or positive replies, this depressed and saddened Alan very much and he returned back home. He came back down a week later, but still had no luck. This is where the power of radio comes in.

A listener by the name of Joan Silva tuned into the Phil Paleologos Show on our sister station WBSM AM 1420 and happened to hear about Oscar. Joan had rescued Oscar a few days earlier after finding him lost, hungry and dirty. She brought him into her home and cared for him. After hearing about the plea on the radio, she got a hold of Phil and arrangements were made for Alan to come down to Fun 107/WBSM’s studios where the reuinion would take place. If not for this hometown radio station with loyal local listeners, this would not would have been made possible, but as the saying goes: All is well, that ends well.

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