Online ticket seller, Ticketfly, has been working for days to get their site back online after a hacker reportedly hijacked the site and stole data from more than 26 million customers.

If you have ever bought concert tickets online through, this is may not good news.

The site has been completely offline for days after the hackers breached their system on Wednesday night.

ticketfly site message

According to, the hacker took control of the site and demanded payment in bitcoin in order to release it.

Ticketfly has reportedly been very open about the hacking incident and say the took their site offline as a security measure.

According to the company, customers names, addresses and phone numbers were breached, but credit card information and passwords were said not to be affected.

The concert ticket seller works with venues from Seattle to Providence, RI...and the downed site left many promoters and venue owners scrambling.

Some even offered up free shows since they had no way to sell and tickets.

Ticketfly's downed website currently tells would-be users,

“We’ve engaged leading third-party forensic and cybersecurity experts to investigate and help us address the issue, and have done this with your security top of mind.”

No word on when they may be up and running again.

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