You have probably seen houseboats parked on the waters of the SouthCoast, but have you ever seen one in action?

Facebook user Sarah Green Page captured footage of a houseboat moving across New Bedford Harbor Thursday morning. At first glance, it may seem like the house got loose and was floating away from its dock. Time to panic, right? Not quite.

"Look...A little houseboat broke free! It's escaping!" Page shared on Facebook, later writing that, all jokes aside, someone was actually moving the house on purpose.

But why?

There are many possible reasons why the houseboat took to the open waters. Maybe the owners sold their house and were helping move the residence to another part of the harbor. Maybe it was time to de-winterize the boat and make sure everything was in running order. Or maybe the owners just wanted to enjoy their breakfast from a new spot.

Whatever the reason, this houseboat cruisin' across the New Bedford Harbor was certainly a fun and unique way to start the morning here on the SouthCoast.

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