Between touring with One Direction and recording with Flo Rida, Olly Murs has had a pretty terrific 2012 -- and if he has anything to say about it, it's only the beginning of the U.K. singer's ascent to worldwide crossover success.

"I love my life. I love singing. I love performing. I love doing what I do," Murs told MTV during a recent interview. Pausing to reflect on his rise to fame through a run on the U.K. 'X Factor,' he pointed out, "I think I'm very lucky in a sense that I applied for a reality TV show, and a lot of people do apply for these shows, a lot of people get through, a lot of people don't have the success that I have and other artists like One Direction and everyone else. I'm very lucky to achieve what I've achieved, and hopefully, fingers crossed, I can continue to have success. There is something people like about me. I don't know what it is. I just kind of do my thing and enjoy it."

Asked if his fans could expect any surprises on his new album, 'Right Place Right Time,' due for a stateside release in April 2013, Murs offered, "I hate saying the word 'maturer,' 'cause I'm a young guy anyway, but I don't feel I've grown a lot in the last three years. I'm still the same height. I'm still the same person. I haven't really changed, really. I think my writing's matured. I kind of know who I am more as an artist. I've done the cheeky, funky cool songs, and this album doesn't have as much. It's got a little more depth to it."

Some of that newfound "depth" is presumably reflected in his new single 'Troublemaker,' featuring Flo Rida. "The song's about a girl and we all end up getting girls in our life who are a bit of trouble at times. And I'm sure Flo Rida's [known] lots of girls he's after that are a bit of trouble," he responded when asked what Rida brings to an Olly Murs song. "So he fit the bill in that sense. I'm so happy that when he did do it, it fit so well."

Watch the Olly Murs 'Troublemaker' Video Feat. Flo Rida