NEW BEDFORD - School Committee member-elect John Oliveira says with the resignation of Superintendent Dr. Pia Durkin, others might want to follow suit.

Speaking with WBSM's Brian Thomas on Friday, Oliveira says he would find it difficult to renew the contract of any administrator that worked in lock-step with Dr. Durkin.

"Hopefully, they see the writing on the wall and we'll see their resignations to follow," said Oliveira. "[As for] Dr. DeFalco, anybody who was involved with a charter school probably should never have been a fit for a public school, in my opinion. I, personally, would have never backed him to be hired as a Deputy Director."

Jason DeFalco, Deputy Superintendent of New Bedford Public Schools, previously worked as a teacher at a charter school in Worcester. DeFalco also previously served as principal for public schools in Worcester, Somerville, and Southbridge.

Oliveira was presented with a no trespass order after two disputes Wednesday and Thursday at Dr. Durkin's office in the administrative building on County Street. New Bedford Police were called on both occasions with Oliveira leaving on his own free will.

Oliveira says he'd like one more chance to sit down with Dr. Durkin.

"I am going to reach out to Dr. Durkin one more time. I said I wasn't, but I'll do it one more time," said Oliveira, who then addressed Dr. Durkin directly. "I would love to have a meeting with you to discuss the issues."

Oliveira said he would be willing to sit down with Dr. Durkin one on one or with an intermediary present. WBSM News asked a spokesperson for Superintendent Durkin if she would also be willing to meet with Oliveira through and intermediary. Durkin's office has yet to respond.

The newly elected School Committee member also apologized for the disturbances on Wednesday and Thursday.

"If, in fact, the secretaries and the administrative staff at any time felt threatened by me or unsafe, I sincerely apologize. And I would like the opportunity to apologize to them in person."

Dr. Durkin submitted her letter of resignation to the Mayor and School Committee shortly after the confrontation with Oliveira on Thursday, citing "philosophical differences" between herself and current and incoming School Committee members.

Oliveira says he intends to fight the no trespass order, but will abide by it until it is resolved.

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