NBC has pulled the plug on Boston Mayor Marty Walsh's plans to host a public viewing party of the upcoming Winter Classic hockey game.

Walsh had hoped to host an outdoor viewing of the Winter Classic in Copley Square, but NBC says that would be against "NHL media-rights policy."

With the Winter Classic taking place New Year's day at Gillette Stadium, you'd think there might be a little local leeway on the viewing...but no,

According to the Boston Globe, when the Boston Bruins take on the Montreal Canadiens, fans will not be able to gather together to watch it in Boston.

NBC and the NHL released the statement that

public viewing gatherings for nationally televised regular-season games are not permissible under NHL media-rights policies.”

Walsh is apparently not deterred just yet however. Sources say city officials are still trying to come to an agreement with the NHL about a live stream in Copley Square.